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Submitted on
October 9, 2013


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1,908 Points Giveaway

Wed Oct 9, 2013, 2:50 PM by 01309:icon01309:

Spreadin' the Llama Love since April 3rd, 2010

So, this giveaway has two purposes.  The first is to obviously giveaway 1,908 points (though not all entirely to one deviant).  This second part is this is a small social experiment in regards to these types of giveaways.

Usually our group hosts monthly giveaways, but never in giving points but rather premium memberships.  Which is where this very odd number of the amount of points comes from.

Usually the giveaways that are found in the journal footer are for such minimal amounts that are barely even worth a $1.  I'm sure a few of you have actually read the $1 giveaway journal.  If you haven't, you can find the journal here.

Now, we are truly giving away 1,908 points.  The question is, how will these points be awarded.  We've already stated there will not be a single winner of the points.  And we will not say how the points will be divided and what amounts.  The person who decides how many points are given to each deviant are you guys.

We could select three winners, and give them each the a 3 month premium membership. (636 x 3 = 1908)
We could give 100 deviants 19 points and then remaining 8 points given to a 101st winner.
When you fill out our survey, you will see all the prize options, choose which one you would want to win.

The options are endless in how we could divide up the points.  There is the obvious question of why the amount perfectly fits the cost of three, 3 month premium memberships.  This is also part of this little experiment.

If you had to choose, would you want points, or would you want a premium membership?

How many donation widgets do you see around dA asking for points so that they can eventually obtain and premium membership?  I've seen quite a few personally, and sadly, barely any of them ever reach their goal.

So, this little experimental points giveaway is to see what people would do with such an offer and why.  The rules for the giveaway may seem silly, but remember, this is a social experiment, it's also meant to be fun!

The Rules!
So, the rules are fairly simple and go along with what many of the giveaways that make their way onto the journal footer require.  The reason we are matching those types of rules is part of the experiment since our giveaways never required anything more than a journal favorite to assign a number so we can use a random number generator.
  1. You must favorite this journal.

  2. You must join GiveALlamaGetALlama as a group member.  We are not requiring you to watch any single person or even the group.  But since many of the small points giveaway require a watch, we needed to find an alternative without marking out a deviant to watch.  At the end of the experiment, when winners are announced, you can decide if you want to leave or stay as a member.  When we review the information to select the winners, only those who are members will be selected as a winner.
    UPDATE: The reason for us asking you to join as a member is so you can unwatch the group and still be registered towards winning as these other giveaways demand a watch from participants.

  3. You must post a promotional journal on your personal deviantArt page and post a comment on this journal with the link to it.

  4. You must fill out this form.  The results you send us will help us with this experiment and they will be released on this journal showing how the everyone answered in a nifty chart.

  5. The winners will be selected using a random number generator ( specifically) no matter what you guys make the most popular prize option.

  6. OPTIONAL: If you want, in your journal, or your comment to this journal, you can tell us why you selected a certain prize pool over another in the survey.

We want to go ahead and thank everyone who decides to participate.  The planned deadline for this giveaway is till November 9th, 2013!  At that time the survey results will be reviewed and a new journal will be posted with the results and the winners for the giveaway.  This may take a few days depending on how many participates we gather (we aren't a bot, so this will be reviewed manually).

Good luck and remember this is meant to be fun and informative!